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Tips And Tricks On How To Draw Fashion Sketches

Your succes as a fashion designer will depend on a very particular feature: knowing how to draw fashion sketches like a professional designer. Once you know the basics on how to draw fashon sketches, it will come easy for you, in time.
A fashion sketch should be done step by step, starting from simple lines and curves, moving to body and clothing shapes and ending with colors. Let’s create a cool sketch in seven steps.

1.First, draw the body line. Do a curve through the body so you can lean the shoulders back and the hips forward. Give your model a ferm attitude.
2.Highlight the body structure using balls and cylinders.
3.Start drawing clothing. Skirt shandings should be amplified using straight lines, following leg line. Add heels to your figurine to highlight the outfit.
4.Now add facial features and hair style. Highlight the outfit, once again, by drawing a topknot hairstyle, swept away from the face.
5.Follow the skirt line when adding pleat lines. Also, add some fun accesories like a watch, some earrings and a purse.
6.Let’s use the ink, now. Highlight every line with your pencil, using strong and thin lines on the skirt pleats.
7.In the final step we will add the colour. Amplify shadings on the white top by using a soft grey colour. For the skirt and the accesories you can use a bright green colour. Use dark and light green on the skirt pleats.

We have learned how a simple white top can be matched with an eye-catching neon green skirt and accesories.
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Best designers in fashion clothes for men - Bruce Montgomery

Bruce Montgomery is an well-known icon in fashion clothes for men. From 1996 to 2009, Bruce Montgomery was the genius behind one of the top apparels in UK, DAKS. Bruce holds a BA degree in fashion, title acomplished in the University of Northumbria.

Before joining DAKS, he climbed the fashion steps by collaborating with some of the top fashion icons like Katherine Hamnett, Moschino, Luciano Soprani, House of Kashiyama and Nigel Cabourn His DAKS collaboration started in 1996 and he is also vice chairman of the British Menswear Guild committee.
DAKS stands as a top British fashion company, with its high class tailoring that also keep a contemporary feel among its designs.

Tradition and experimentation are well balanced in his work and he likes to use different themes, one season from another, that depend mostly on surroundings and certain influences in his life. He seems to focus his best ideas in men’s jackets, with smooth finishes and a high crease tolerance. He likes to believe that coming up with constantly good ideas for customers is the most challenging thing in fashion.
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Remember the best French fashion designer - Christian Dior

The French fashion designer, Christian Dior, represents the bigggest name in fashion history for sixty years. Christian Dior is a symbol of creativity of the Paris culture, elegance and style. House Dior’s endless series of seasonal collections have survived the changing of generations and tendencies to secure itself as the most iconic fashion heritage. Dior reached beyond the original haute-couture to conquer the entire world with a class far beyond superior to everything we have known. To understand how the designer influenced the world of fashion, we must remember that Dior was a physical part of the industry for only 10 years(1947-1957), but his mark is remembered even today as the most inspirational cycle that ever existed in fashion. With his help, Paris regain the title of the fashion center in the world.

French fashion scene was conquered by Ch.Dior’s amazing creations that sometimes defied the principles of the era. Dior style had fabrics lined predominantly with percale, boned, bustier-style bodices, hip padding, wasp-waisted corsets and petticoats.
For its elegance and style, Dior creations were chosen by the movie stars of every era and by royalty from around the world. In 1955, Dior discovered Yves Saint Laurent. He took him under his wing and made him his succesor.
Thanks to Dior, fashion designers nowadays can conjugate and decline lines and shapes adapted to our times. With Dior,we can develop fashion mixtures that will allow a woman to be more confident, more beautiful and to discover herself. To continue his tradition, fashion designers implemented Dior’s accurate draw line techniques. This said, we would like to thank you for everything you have done for us, Christian Dior! 

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